Siedlisko Ługiele
Ługiele 7
16 - 407 Wiżajny
woj podlaskie
tel. 0 606 119 270

Ługiele lies in the north-eastern tip of Poland, about 9 km from the Lithuanian and Russian borders, in the northern protective belt of the Suwalski Landscape Sanctuary.

The Settlement covers 11 ha of a hilly area, sheltering two enchanting country-style houses, located along the edge of the Suwalski Landscape Sanctuary, in the close vicinity of Smolniki village featuring as the main exterior location in "Pan Tadeusz", a film by Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda.
Exceptional atmosphere - piece and quiet, feeling of privacy and distance combine with the beauty of the landscape surrounding the Settlement to ensure that our Guests leave us truly relaxed and return to restore their strength, energy and enthusiasm for every day work.

Ługiele has been particularly favoured by people who, apart from the need to relax in a gorgeous and exotic place saturated with the mood of the eastern borderland, search to reinvigorate their creative ingenuity needed at work.

Local legends originate from centuries of interchange between different cultures, nationalities and traditions influencing one another. Exotic traits of the region are further strengthened by the explicit existence and traceability of remnants of medieval inhabitants of the Ługiel area - the Yotvingians. more...

Today, it is the magic and beauty of local landscape and nature that make this place particularly exceptional.