Siedlisko Ługiele
Ługiele 7
16 - 407 Wiżajny
woj podlaskie
tel. 0 606 119 270

Nearest neighbourhood

The nearest neighbourhood of the Settlement, Suwalski Landscape Sanctuary, is one of the most picturesque regions in Poland. There are few places in Poland to match its spectacularly contrasting landscapes - turquoise lakes next to vast and high hills. A region still unknown to tourists, the borderland even in high holiday season constitutes an unspoilt oasis of peace.

A trip to Jaćwieska Góra Zamkowa, Smolniki glade, hike around the Jaczno lake, numerous boulder deposits, Turtulu ravine, the gorge of meandering Czarna Hańcza river or Szeszupa valley, will give you unforgettable memories. The Ługiele Settlement is only 3 km from a fascinating Poland's deepest Hańcza lake, a challenge to frogmen.

All these places can be reached from the Settlement via deserted but marked dirt roads of the Suwalski Landscape Sanctuary more... 

Further neighbourhood

Not far behind the Hańcza lake, Romincka forest extends, which is one of the least discovered in Poland, compact and wild forest complex. The forest, filled with hills, lakes, swamps and wild animals, is at the same time a border with Russia. Tourists can be attracted by Stańczyki where huge concrete viaducts link the banks of the valley whose bed shelters Błędzianka river. more...

Few people dare to visit the Polish cold pole, Wiżajny village, several kilometres from the Settlement, and the Sudawskie mountains, to the east of Wiżajny, full of lakes, solitary and unattended dirt roads, hills and small ponds.

About 20 km from the Settlement is the Wigierski National Park, which attracts visitors with one the largest and cleanest lakes in Poland - Wigry lake, while also being a shelter to beavers more...

To the immediate south of the Wigierski National Park, the Augustowska Forest extends, one of the greatest natural treasures, the largest and most beautiful among Polish forests. It is intersected by monumental Augustowski Channel, dating back to 19th century, which is often nicknamed the "Polish Amazon River", a wild and enchanting Czarna Hańcza river and Marycha, a beaver sanctuary, on the Lithuanian and Belarusian border, and sprinkled with numerous lakes to create a land of unique features unmatched in contemporary Europe.

The Ługiele settlement is also an excellent base to explore Lithuania and its contemporary capital - Vilnius, which having been part of Poland for many years, abounds in monuments and places related with people, facts and places of significant importance for the history of Poland.