Siedlisko Ługiele
Ługiele 7
16 - 407 Wiżajny
woj podlaskie
tel. 0 606 119 270

Staying at Ługiele means unforgettable nights with starlit sky, chirping crickets, bonfires or barbecues. In the morning, hares and roe deer can be seen right behind your threshold. During the mushroom season, pickers find loads of mushrooms in the birch and spruce groves of the Settlement.

The neighbourhood of the Settlement is above all however a perfect place for active tourism and leisure. The Suwalski Landscape Sanctuary, neighbouring on the Settlement, offers unforgettable, breath-taking views that can be fully admired thanks to numerous and well-designed trails. It is an ideal place for walkers, bicycle-riders, as well as for horse-trekkers. Fishing fans can enjoy the abundance of local lakes.

In winter, cross-country skis are a must, as there are numerous specially prepared routes, running among ice-bound lakes and white snow-covered hills.